Rising above others with his innate passion and skills is Chris Robinson, an ace sneakerhead.

The world of fashion and sneakers attracted him the most, motivating him to enter the sneaker world and gain the prominence he desired.

We might have heard a lot of stories of people from across the world, which showcases how individuals chose to do the unusual and challenge themselves to create a success story for themselves out of the imagination of the world. These stories, more often than not, are filled with many ups and downs, struggles and difficult times, but the ones who have gone ahead in overcoming these trying times are the ones who attain exceptional success in their career and life. The sneaker industry has welcomed so many young talents over the years and a few of them have totally amazed others with the kind of skills they have exhibited and the level of passion they have shown to win in any situation, no matter what. These difficult roads lead people to success they did not even imagine, says Chris Robinson through his experiences in life. He is a young sneakerhead and gentleman who has proved to the world that nothing is ever impossible in this world to achieve.

We caught hold of this young talent and sneaker lover to spill some beans on his journey. Chris Robinson, who today is also known as SB Collector, begins by saying that he hails from Long Branch, NJ. Going to school with other kids, he saw how they had all the newest clothing and sneakers, which he did not. This somewhere led him towards the love for fashion and his strong desire to own all those things. As he grew older, he became capable enough to buy stuff on his own. This is a feat only a few people have been able to achieve.

At the age of 14, Chris Robinson confesses that he got his working papers and, after getting his first pay check, got himself his first pair of Nikes, which acted as the start of a new beginning for him – his sneaker collection. He has done everything possible to make his dreams come true, from standing in long lines to creating connections, and finally, in 2011, becoming the owner of an actual sneaker store. He even stayed close to the sneaker community and teamed up with the #1 Reebok Collector in the world, @deeboks and former store owner for managing the business and remodelling the store from scratch.

Chris Robinson takes pride and finds himself fortunate to be able to give back to society. He has so far donated to multiple charities through sneakers. “I have purchased three pairs of the Nike Air Mags and donated over $15,000 to Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation, as well as $11,000 to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital after purchasing one pair of the What the Doernbecher Nike Dunk in an eBay charity auction.” To further help the local communities, as a generous soul, Chris Robinson also runs many shoe and clothing drives in store throughout the year.

He has given his all in positively influencing the sneaker culture, growing the sneaker community and growing more respect for sneakers as a whole worldwide. Find more information and updates about Chris Robinson on Instagram @sbcollector.

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