From being an unknown name to a phenomenal basketball player Ja’Monti Wright has come a long way.

Year 2021 has seen this talented player display his potential in the 2021 Louisville Invitational Tournament.

Ja’monti has grown up watching and playing basketball in his hometown Louisville, KY, where his uncle Kyle Hampton Jr. and cousin Jomari Bradshaw were the local basketball stars in high school. Most of his time was spent either watching the game of playing it in the outdoor court of his great grandfather’s backyard. He was the tough guy in school always getting involved in brawls and defending his weak friends who were being taken to task or being bullied. “I wanted to pursue the sport seriously and wanted to be a part of the team at Myzeek Middle School in Louisville, KY, but was unable to do so because I submitted my school physical paperwork after the deadline, also I was a bit overweight which made me stay away from participating in the team,” says Ja’monti.

He had made up his mind to be a part of the team by the time he reached the 7th grade and started his daily grind of training which indeed secured him a place in the team. He was rechristened as the ‘dog’ owing to his aggressive stance on the court. The highlight of that season was when he hit the winning shot against his rival school and won all the accolades for his exceptional display of talent. He attained more in his 8th grade season when he moved to North Carolina and attended The Word of God Christian Academy which has been attended by some of the known NBA stars like John Wall. He did extremely well by scoring more than 40 points making him the star player that season. His playing skills earned him an invitation to visit Montverde Academy in Montverde, Fl. to where he had been offered an opportunity to join the basketball team. “I was accepted by the Montverde Academy but my mom was against me living alone in a college campus environment, so I had to decline the offer and move back to Louisville, KY, to attend my high school, says the ace basketball player.

Today, this 6’2 athlete has risen to the top of the game and is predicted to be the next big thing in the world of basketball.

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