This revolutionary product Stündenglass is all set to create history.

Innovation knows no boundaries and Stündenglass’ founder Tracey Huston has proved it well.

Various industries have shown phenomenal growth in the past few decades, and many have come out with revolutionary products which have created history and made its distinct mark. Out of these many innovative introductions we come across a unique product which stands apart from others and looks like its way ahead of its time. One such product has been created by Tracey Huston who is an ex-Apple employee which has charmed Hookah lovers, by the name Stündenglass which means Hourglass in German. The innovative product is supposed to be world’s first gravity powered, contactless, hookah that uses kinetic motion activation, cascading water and opposing air flow technology to give it’s users a never before experience.

Stündenglass has received much appreciation from all Hookah enthusiasts as this is a kind of product which has been long awaited and its introduction has been at the right time when social distancing has become a norm. Its unique feature which includes contactless mouth piece has found many takers. Such has been the impact of the product that it has been taken over by Grenco Science which is an already established company to fuel its expansion plans. Speaking about the product takeover the CEO and Founder of Grenco Science, Chris Folkerts said that the efforts of Stündenglass’ founder Tracey Huston is truly appreciable as he has invented a product which will create a huge impact owing to its unique features. He is also looking at incorporating this in the future versions of their products. The contactless attachment of Stündenglass allows users to inhale smoke without actually letting their mouth getting in contact with any part of it, which is indeed a feature which has never been seen in Hookah’s earlier. 

Stündenglass has created history by creating this contactless gravity-powered device for delivering water-filtered smoke, and Hookah enthusiasts who have experienced it have already gone all the way in appreciating the product as it is most safest option which one can indulge in such trying times of the pandemic.

To know more about the product, visit its official website or follow Stundenglass on

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