From an amateur to a successful trading entrepreneur, Gavin Mayo’s story and journey will enthrall you.

From a student to a trading expert and now on to teaching trading, 19-year-old Gavin Mayo has upscaled his professional trading skills.

Stock market has always been a zone of uncertainties and unprecedented events, one never can judge whether a particular stock can perform well or will come down emptying one’s pocket. The market is filled with many such agents and companies that helps the investors invest in the right stock and help them earn profits in the long term. But many of them are fraudulent and tend to misguide the customer. So, it becomes far more important to understand the basics of investing money in the stocks and learning all the tips and tricks of the game of Trading. One such efficient and talented stock market trader and entrepreneur is Gavin Mayo who has been a successful trading expert and also an educator. 

Starting from a tender age of 13 years, today Gavin who is only 19 years old have already earned a six-figure mark for himself, all this by sheer trading and investing in stock markets. But the picture that looks very happy in the end isn’t the easiest to achieve. Gavin himself worked extremely hard to learn and educate himself in trading. Initially he started by watching YouTube videos and trying to gain more and more knowledge but later on switched gears to make it a full-time profession. Initially from trying to pursue a scholarship in swimming from North Carolina University to honing his professional trading skills, today Gavin Mayo has reached a stage of gathering more than 250+k followers on various social media platforms. 

Gavin Mayo later started to explore to communicate with his followers on discord. Now he owns one of the biggest stock discords in the world. Along with his partner Ali Saghi, they have earned more than 50,000 members in record one months’ time. 

With more emphasis given on financial literacy and educating the larger audience, Gavin and team offers wide variety of courses along with many follow up videos. His firm currently has more than 15+ courses to offer to its customers. Gavin wants to more focus on luxury equities due to its rich returns, although it being a super niche segment of trading industry. 

                                                                                                                                                               A dream in his book to travel around the world and also to keep educating more and more people about trading stocks, we wish Gavin Mayo all the very best for future. 

Want to master the art of trading? Follow Gavin Mayo on Instagram @gavin_mayo.

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