“Try hard enough and you will surely succeed”: says 16-year-old pro trader Ali Saghi

The Stock market has always been one of the most essential factors for the country’s economic development. Investing in stock and shares needs high research and perseverance, trading stocks have high risks and also enormous profits if the stakes go higher. 

Talking about stock market trade, we definitely present to you one of the youngest and eminent stock traders and trending social media influencers- none other than Ali Saghi. Ali is a young lad, just turned 16, born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. He has been trading stocks for three years and can now proudly boast of his superior expertise and knowledge in the world of the stock market. He has been holding stakes at various well established public listed companies which have a remarkable name in the industry. Apart from being a superior stock market trader, he has been an extraordinary social media influencer with millions of followers and a huge reach spread over several social media platforms. He has been producing incredible and unprecedented content videos on Instagram and TikTok which have been trending all over the world with millions of views. 

Since the covid pandemic has brought a downfall in the world economy, and millions of people lost their jobs, he spends hours on his passion and solely focuses on his stock market trade. Eventually, he started off his own discord server entitled “Luxury Equities” which is wholly based on the stock trade. It surprisingly reached over 50,000 genial and sociable individuals, giving them a chance to pursue their dreams and strengthen financial freedom. Luxury Equities has always selflessly educated people about stock market tips and tricks and has taken it upon themselves to spread financial literacy- these varied services are offered free of charge so that anyone can avail them. 

Ali Saghi proved that a 16-year old high school underclassman can achieve greatness and overcome all the hurdles and hindrances if he/she is righteous and is highly determined to make 6 figures a month. He proved education doesn’t lead you to success but it is you who will have to set the life goals leading to success, he even strives to get a degree in Corporate Law and a Masters in Business Administration. 

Luxury Equities has made a remarkable name of its own and excelled in the world of the stock market. His hard work and dedication have brought him this far, but the sole reason for his hard work was to develop his future making it financially free to be able to work from anywhere in the world with his laptop.

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