Bryce Monkivitch- an Australian E-commerce genius:

Bryce Monkivitch is a well-known Australian entrepreneur and marketing Expert. He is also a world traveller. His incredible success landed him a place in Forbes 2021. 

As a youngster, Monkivitch had many doubts regarding his future. Initially, he used to sell dog hats on social media platforms such as Facebook. However, it did not really kick off which left him demotivated in a way. He started freelancing for almost eighty hours and simultaneously managed to study. However, in the end, he could not even complete his accounting and business studies as he instead chose to invest his last penny in an online store. He invested around $5000 to start his online store called ‘Sincere Sally’. It catered to women fashion. It was indeed a correct decision as it became very successful.

After that, he founded three more women’s fashion businesses. This gives Bryce Monkivitch a revenue of more than USD 1 million yearly. The label has sportswear, swimwear, accessories, etcetera. They are available in both the United States and Australia. Last year in 2020, even his sister Joy Monkivitch joined Sincere Sally. 

Bryce Monkivitch’s progress over the years remains unparalleled. In 2017, he found his first fashion label Sincere Sally, which went on to become hugely successful. In 2019, he made two applications for staff and workers’ management and organisation. This online system allows people from all over the world to access jobs and learn new skills. He was also a professional MMA fighter from 2009 till 2011. Monkivitch mentioned how his hard work enabled him to pay off his home, located on the Sunshine Coast. He said,” Being able to own my own homemade me find success in my work and social life. It was mine; I was proud.”

However, the path to success was not easy at all. He had to overcome some of the biggest challenges. He recalled the time when he was sent to China to work at his uncle’s factory- things didn’t turn out as planned when his uncle claimed that he was immature and unfit for work. Thus, he demanded he goes back for further education. This was really demotivating for Bryce, who felt that he had let everyone down. However, he realized later that he needed that push to pursue what he actually wanted to do.

Bryce has a message that he felt everyone needs to hear at the initiation of their career since he did not receive the same. “Don’t take time for granted and push everything as hard as you can so you can keep growing and staying in front of trends.”

In case, you want to know more about his journey, you can visit his Instagram handles listed below:



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