DJ Karyna Romanova’s incredible rise to becoming a well-known artist.

Creativity and positivity are the bread and butter of actress turned DJ Karyna Romanova.

Revolutionizing an art is a tough task, and not many are up for it. With her exemplary music-mixing skills and the ability to play to the mood of the listeners, DJ Karyna Romanova attained a bravura of success. Karyna, DJs in the styles of techno house, afro house, and melodic. A few years ago, she came to the US with the hope of making a mark as a DJ. She worked with one of the largest modelling agencies in the USA named MMG and the acting agency – MTM Agency in Miami. She is a highly motivated person who mixed inspiration from real-life events and experiences with the new trends in the music industry to establish herself as an ace DJ. 

Karyna didn’t just stop at becoming a model and actress. Since she knew there was much more to her and possessed a lot of creativity, she set her sights on becoming a DJ. She is extremely expressive and immersed herself in mastering her passion as an actor as well. 

Over the past year, she managed to learn from professionals, make valuable connections, and got her first projects as an actress. She debuted in TV series and movies and has savoured every moment of it. She has worked with innate passion and dedication to emerge as a sought-out actress. She also spares time for DJing, playing at high-profile events with her exquisite style. Recently, Karyna was inspired to create music and is writing her first track, which will soon be announced on her social media account.

Karyna Romanova’s journey from being a talented model and actor to now hustling her way to the top in the DJing scene is truly inspiring. She is a person who advocates a positive attitude of living, and through her social media, she tries to inspire creativity and positivity among her followers. 

To know more about Karyna Romanova’s journey, follow Instagram @miss_ramanova.

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