Ava Bamby: Actor, Model, Content Creator, and an established entrepreneur.

Ava and her firm work diligently to curb upon rising cases of digital copyright infringement. 

Social Media is an extensive form of platform especially for the youth to build their careers and it’s the fastest growing place with numerous different fields to explore one’s talent. Enhancing wide opportunity to earn suitable amount of remuneration and one of the best places to gain popularity with skills of creativity. Have a glimpse of an amazingly successful Entrepreneur and content creator – AVA BAMBY.

This young girl always dreamed of being an actor and model, which only has been a dream for numerous young girls. But destiny took her to another path. She joined a strict Military college where she completed her 3 years of graduation where she consistently topped in her class. Being a scholastic kid she thought to peruse as a Government worker and Military Officer but later switched her set path and followed her dream of working in the Entertainment industry and become a full time content creator. Along with content creation, she also peruses her interest in Dance, Cosplay and Acting.

Within very short span she has achieved immense success. Starting from scratch to 1 Million followers on social media in just 30 days is some achievement in itself. To entertain her fans more, she now works full time to make original photo and video content on multiple platforms to win her audience hearts. The most unique thing about Ava Bamby’s videos is that she creates her own videos with her skills and expertise. She spends hours on ideation, planning, storyboarding, filming and editing to create a unique and never seen experience. As Ava Bamby expresses – “That extra effort has gone lengths to making it clear to fans that I’m not just the same thing, different face, as they are scrolling through their feed.

During this time when she created many different and unique contents, her content became an constant victim of copyright transgression, which inspired her to form a company to end this issue. She is not only one who faces this problem but many of her creator friends also has been  the victim of illegal distribution of their content every single day, so decided to help everyone who is facing similar challenges with copywriting. 

Ava’s firm makes sure that their proprietary technologies take down digital copyright infringement and personal information leaks and be able to track down the source of the leak. Beyond the technology, they partner with law enforcement around the world to take criminal action, and push for government policy changes to ensure that our internet world is a protected one.

For more information, Visit her website avabamby.com and also follow on Instagram @avabamby.

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