Douglas James- A multitalented individual on a mission to help others:

Douglas James today, is one of the best-known digital marketing experts in the freelance and entrepreneurship markets of today. He has not only made a name for himself but is also extremely profitable and has even helped several like-minded and ambitious youngsters take off on their entrepreneurship dreams. 

But the life he leads today isn’t the only one that Douglas James knows. In fact, till some years back, Douglas James had not even considered being a businessman a possibility! As a young man, he was enrolled in the US Naval Service, in the post of a Corpsman. Douglas James was sent on a humanitarian mission to help impoverished communities across several island countries. During the duration of this mission, he spent the most time in Papua New Guinea. 

Douglas James had never seen such deplorable living conditions, it really tugged on his heartstrings. Yet, he noticed that the people there never seemed to give up they had a very positive outlook towards life, even in the worst-case scenario. This taught Douglas Jones the importance of having a proper mindset. Indeed, ever since then he has always believed in having a go-getter attitude and this has helped him move forward even when he felt stuck in his life.

Fast forward 10 years and Douglas James had finished his service and was headed back home. Yet, the thought remained- how could he continue to help others. How could he uplift them and give an individual a better standard of living? Douglas James knew that entrepreneurship was the only way out because he could help others earn more only if he was earning in big numbers himself. And none of us can deny the fact that all the richest people in this world are businessmen, not 9 to 5 contract workers. 

Now that the dream of entrepreneurship was planted in his brain, Douglas James quickly took to implementing it. He chose digital marketing since it was and continues to be one of the highest yielding industries. Even though he didn’t know anything about it, he took several courses over a span of a few months and taught himself everything that he needed to know. Very soon Douglas James was on the same level of most other professionals in the market. As soon as Douglas James had made a name for himself and could prove his capability to others, he set out to win the trust of people and help guide them on their own journey to success. To date, he has got over 1500 students and helps them find the confidence and ability in themselves to be the best at their game. 

Douglas James has kept on in his humanitarian mission and donates to several charities and organizations such as Urban Angels and Our Lady of the Rosary. Today he holds the position of philanthropist, coach and digital marketing expert. Truly he is multi-talented and deserves much recognition. To know more follow Douglas James on:

Instagram: @the_douglasjames

Twitter: @Douglas_james_




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