Francine Gillian Garcia is here to solve all your hair care needs:

Francine Gillian Garcia is a prestigious Hairdresser, haircare educationalist, content maker, charity worker and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and owner of the well-established shop JU Poppin. She is a lady of numerous abilities and being an amazing hair technician is only one of them. 

In her early life, Francine was born in Trinidad and Tobago. She attended Vessigny government secondary school but received her GED and attended Brooklyn College and continued her educational classes. According to her, while growing up she never thought of being a hairstylist even once. She believes it was god’s will when she found out her potential in hair styling. After finding out her passion for it, she started her education on hair from Hairann’s hair school in San Fernando, Trinidad. After completing her schooling, she has worked with several famous companies like Matrix, Patric Bradley, Loreal and Najah. She also attended mastermind classes with Natalie Wedwell, Marissa’s peer and Grant Cardone. And eventually started JU Poppin

Francine is a very spiritual person. She is quite a believer in the almighty god. She is a kind and generous woman of God with words of wisdom that touches so many souls. Her love for her family is quite visible just by the love and protection she provides for her children and grandchildren. According to her, giving back to her community is quite important for her. She believes God is always there to direct everyone’s path and guide them through to the path and she believes sometimes people have to be patient and just trust in the process. Being a Philanthropist, she always put others feeling before her own feeling.

She had never thought of being a hairstylist growing up. When Francine’s grandmother passed away her life completely changed. She was going through a very hard time. For her, her talent in hairstyling is a gift from God. She mentioned when she comes to this country back in the year 1993, Francine only had 50 dollars with her and a dream. And through both happy and difficult times she was able to fulfil her dream and currently is quite established in the industry.

On asking her why she loves to do women’s hair she said her passion for it and knowledge about it is to make women happy and secure that they are in good hands- it makes them feel special about themselves. She always focuses on healthy hair and her love for hair surpasses any other career that she could have picked. In her wholesome career, Francine Gillian Garcia has achieved several milestones and has got featured in Essence and Oprah Magazine.

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