Rhett Lindsey is here to revolutionise how the US Corporate system hires people:

Rhett Lindsey is a recruitment professional from Los Angeles metropolitan area. Apart from this Lindsey is the founder and the CEO of Siimee, the platform developed to eradicate bias. 

Rhett Lindsey has been a recruiter since seven plus years in many famous and well-known tech companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Tinder, Applied Minds, Crystal Dynamics, The Walt Disney etc. He has come across in the hiring process the racial biases that has been affecting people of colour and people who belong to certain minority groups based on their sexuality and gender expression. He has faced this issue in in most of the workplace and has decided to work on it, to save and help those job seekers, who are affected due to this system which is bad for the society. 

Lindsey always wanted to join Facebook and after joining the team of the Facebook he was appointed as the recruiter for engineers. He was sure that he would appoint the best talented and the most deserving candidate but soon he was intimated to search for “Black Female Engineers”, so as to filter them out of the applicant lists. He was very disappointed by this decision of this social media giants’ recruiting strategy. It had disturbed him so much that at last he had to resign his six-figure salary job. But on the same point he was now planning to do something against this bias system of recruitment, which was growing and existing in most of the companies of Los Angeles. He wanted to launch such a platform that would be focusing on starting an unbiased connection between the job seekers and the employers. 

At the end of 2020 he founded the company which he called Siimee pronounced as see me. Rhett Lindsey also made his own team with those people who were similar thinking and wanted to do some good for the society. The company’s aim was to get the job seekers and the employers one-on-one without the need of any human bias. 

According to Lindsay this platform highlights the ambitions, interest and the quality qualifications, with no mention of the applicant’s socio-economic or ethnic background. What make this platform unique in that the job seeker are not allowed to add a picture on the resume. He also says that this application is like a blind dating app for the professionals’ endeavours. The team of Siimee also keeps a close watch on the companies whether they are discriminating or practicing bias system. 

To know more about Rhett Lindsey and Siimee, follow:

Website- http://www.siimee.com 

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/rhett_lindsey/

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