Josh Bru- The influential person who helps the artists in improving their music career in the industry:

In the music industry, the most important yet hidden players are artist managers. Their work every day includes helping their clients in shaping their music careers. The work of an artist manager is to book gigs, organising marketing, managing the brand of the artist, revenue streams, handling external partnerships campaigns, helping clients in planning albums and managing social media accounts. Basically, they give a higher platform for the artists in this industry. 

A famous name in this list of rising artist managers is Josh Brusilovsky, also known as Josh Bru in the industry. He has overall four years of experience in the entertainment scene with trust and credibility. Josh Bru is the owner of a top entertainment company and he has booked over $250,000 of artists for different nightlife venues across Chicago and other cities in the U.S. Within a few years, he had made his name in this industry and owned an entertainment company.

Josh Bru has proven his expertise by running his business smoothly and in this global pandemic, he has given jobs to dozens of promoters. His main task is to market his events throughout colleges in Chicago while selling tickets. Mr Josh Bru has even begun to partner with some of the most important names in the industry. The people he partnered with in Chicago mostly are celebrities, popular music festivals, and other well-known organizations. 

Josh Bru also employs different promotional techniques meant to drive ticket sales and foot traffic for the events. He always aims to gain exclusive access to high ticket artists to book and organizes after-parties and after-shows to engage crowds and attract exciting talent. He partners with a venue, in a concert hall or night club and he goes one step ahead to market the event to make sure it becomes successful. Josh Bru attracts attendees by running full-scale promotional campaigns all over Chicago. 

Some of his bookings include Blueface, Shoreline Mafia, Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, Jack Harlow, Playboi Carti, 24k Gold, Saweetie, and Migos. He says that booking the artists is the most important and expensive part but he works hard and makes sure to crack the deal.

Josh Bru wants his business to grow more and he believes that he has made a lot of connections with many well-known artists in these few years. He wants to keep helping and working with the artist even in the future.

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