Meet the host of a Record-Breaking podcast, a Mindset Coach and Entrepreneur – Craig Siegel:

We often hear people say ‘you should always follow your dream’ but sometimes only the words are not enough for someone to take their first step. Your dreams and passion don’t see who you are or from what background are you. It is our mind, that tells us what to do and what to not, and as we say often say our mind gives the most rational decisions. But let’s all face this, sometimes we all want to be irrational and reckless, don’t we?

 Craig Siegel, the famous mindset Coach, Entrepreneur, Breakthrough Manufacturer, and Performance Enhancer. He has always believed that the most dynamic people are those who are able to dictate their inner experience and challenge them. He then helps to facilitate that by giving allowance to the people to tap into their own world of potential and acknowledge their own power, their charisma and be able to break their own records and make their own records. Seigel always says that he believes that it is us who know our own worth and it is us who can make our own world. Craig always went with all of his passion and purpose to help people and to change their mindset about things and their lives and everything.

In 2020, when the global pandemic of novel coronavirus had hit the whole world, Craig took it to his responsibility. He then combined his Entrepreneurial spirit and with that, he started with what the world had earlier known as Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), a movement where it represents faith, hope, progress and even shows light to those who wander in dark. Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), a multi-7-figure powerful and overwhelming force and a movement that has resonated in a worldwide manner.

Siegel earned his own success. His way of speaking to people about transforming their life had actually motivated them. Siegel had featured in Entrepreneur; Tapped as the next Gary Vee. He also visited St. John’s University and had a conversation about transforming our mindset and how it helps, and also in addition to the north of 20 summits and speaking engagements. His achievements didn’t put a full stop over, he even sold out back-to-back 10 programs since the launching of CLS in 2020, including with the masterminds and private coaching which have resulted in having multi 7 figures in revenue in the first year of the business.

To know more about Cultivate Lasting Symphony, check out their website:

To stay updated and know more about Craig Siegel, follow him on his social media outlets (links are given below). He loves to connect with his followers and always keep an eye out to meet like-minded people.






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