Pierre Subeh- born with a golden heart:

Born on 25 October 1998 in Lattakia, Syria. Pierre Subeh is a Syrian immigrant who is a business expert, a renowned author and an award-winning executive producer of X Network. He is also founded a marketing and research firm. However, there is something that sets Pierre Subeh aside from other entrepreneurs.

Pierre has gained immense success in his career. He was also featured on Forbes, the Washington post, yahoo news, CNBC and the New York post as a business expertise. When he was 17, he was also awarded the young entrepreneur award for his successful business venture. Under his guidance he has successfully helped many companies to gain thousands of loyal customers. His marketing and research firms has served clients like Apple, Starbucks, Pepsi, and Abbott Laboratories.

Recent times have witnessed a surge in the campaigns for social justice and racial equality. Pierre Subeh, the CEO of X Network, is at the forefront of the push for Middle-Eastern representation. Here comes one of the big reasons for which Pierre Subeh is known. He orchestrated a self-funded social awareness campaign with over 250 billboards across the country asking the Federal government to recognize the month of April as the National Arab American Heritage Month and issue an official proclamation.

Early on in his career, he studied the psychology of human behavior and the science behind efficient productivity. He is a natural leader when it comes to managing teams and creating successful ventures. Pierre was awarded as a young entrepreneur when he earned a 6-figure profitable business at just mere age of 17. 

His social change campaign hit the bull’s eye and gained recognition as the topic celebrated Middle Eastern heritage in changing post-9/11 anti-Arab sentiments and acknowledging the social difficulties that Arab Americans face every day in their lives. “We’re only mentioned when Osama Bin Laden is brought up. I don’t feel motivated to gather up my family on a Sunday to sit through a four-hour award ceremony that never has any sort of mention about our culture and religion. Yet as Muslims, we make up roughly 25% of the world population”.

Pierre Subeh wishes to educate the world not only about all such injustices but also about the business world, so that they too can be in a position of power which will allow them to support and fight for a cause which will bring peace to many. This is why he also plans to release a book and his own TV show as well.To know more, follow Pierre Subeh on:

Website- https://www.pierresubeh.com/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/pierresubeh/?hl=en 

Twitter- https://twitter.com/pierre_subeh?lang=en

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/pierre-subeh

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