Shawn Meaike reaches new heights in the life insurance industry through Family First Life:

Shawn Meaike gave birth to Family First Life, which is one of the largest insurance marketing organisations, in late 2013. He stated that he was “building a company that prioritizes the families of their agents over everything else.” The company is built on trust and faith and ensures that their clients and the client’s closed ones are protected in case any mishap happens. The company also ensures that its agents can provide for their families in the way they want to.

The company believes that it can bring a difference in the lives of several people and for the better. The company helps the clients to make the correct choices and protect their loved ones. They have the best agents who are very hardworking and ingenious, who love to learn more about their trade. People, who are expert in the particular field, holds free training sessions and helps the agents to clarify their doubts and helps them to succeed. Even though the company has branches all over the USA, they claim that they are a family and they work collectively and independently. They gather annually and celebrate their position and what they have achieved in the organisation. This year Family First Life has planned to produce over $250 million of annualized paid premium in mortgage protection.

In recent news, Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity”) has bought most of Family First Life’s shares and made Shawn Meaike the owner of Integrity. Integrity Marketing Group is the nation’s largest independent distributor of life and health insurance products. “Family First Life is different from any other insurance company as it provides its agents with the best training, support.” said Bryan W. Adams, Co-founder & CEO of Integrity.” The finest people have been attracted to Family First Life because of Shawn’s and his team’s ample mentality” The nation’s largest independent distributor, Integrity Marketing Group, is headquartered in Dallas. Integrity has over 500 agents take care of over 4 million clients by providing them with every life and health insurance product. With this partnership, Family First Life is set to help several more families across the USA. 

Shawn Meaike’s success is a reflection of his hard work and love for the project. “Success cannot come to those who don’t work hard for it” Shawn believes. He has huge plans for his company and expects it to cross the annual revenue of $600 million by the end of 2022.

If you want to connect with Shawn Meaike or wish to know more about his organization ‘Family First Life’, click on the links below:

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