Get countless ideas for styling your curly hair, once you start using Merian Odesho’s Bounce Curl products:

Merian Odesho is the founder and CEO of Bounce Curl haircare brand. Growing up, Merian recalls how her grandma would stir up an uncommon hair recipe from regular fixings like aloe Vera and dark seed oil, among others. It would consistently leave her hair sparkly, and stronger. She says the hair combinations made by her grandma enlivened her to make her own equations. Propelled by the unlimited battles and bombed results with various hair care items, Merian chose to form her own items. With her bachelor of Science Certificate with attention to chemistry and biology, Merian took to the labs looking for an answer. 

In the wake of going through hours in the lab, in November 2015, Merian dispatched her first Bounce Curl Item that formed the basis of the business. Merian’s interpretation of styling wavy hair is that you can zest up your wavy hair differently, contingent upon your inclination. By exploring different avenues regarding various styles, you will discover which turns out best for you. In case you are completing your hair by a stylist, Merian suggests that your first inquiry about the hair care items they use. Her recommendation is to not allow anybody to deter you from accepting your twists as long as you are okay with it. 

She likewise focuses on being committed to your hair routine to accomplish incredible results. While normal twists are excellent, keeping up with them is really troublesome. Except if you utilize the right items for your hair type, you may lose or harm your hair, says Merian. Through Bounce Curl, Merian enables individuals to accept normal twists and they can do as such with items got from regular fixings. She is the Maker/Formulator of Bounce Curl items and she is more than eager to impart her twist mysteries to us! Her principal objective is to enable all people to accept their Regular hair. Embrace the Normal You with Bounce Curl.

One of their best products to date is the Bounce Curl Light Hold Gel, which is a personal favourite of Merian as well and she urges everyone who thinks their hair is “terrible” to give it a try. Get wonderful hair and a new sense of self using all of Merian’s brand Bounce Curl’s products. To know more about them, follow:



Instagram: @bouncecurl (Merian: @herbalmmo)

Twitter: @BounceCurl 

Pinterest: @bouncecurl


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