Matthew Mercury has established itself in the industry with its Swiss movement timepieces.     

Each Matthew Mercury house timepiece is designed using sapphire crystal glass.

For decades, Swiss watches have remained at the top of high quality in the watch industry. They are widely known for their overall quality, from functionality to designs and other physical components. Swiss timepieces also reserve their reputation for being made from some of the best material, lasting longer, and giving the owner value for money. Matthew Mercury, a luxury watch brand, dealt with these timepieces, offering their customers nothing but the best. They have continually presented watch enthusiasts with a new level of high-quality chronographs with unique, unmatched designs in the industry and provide Swiss quality every second.

Mathew Mercury Watches come with a high-end 316L stainless steel case with a high purity level. The case boasts excellent form and robust functionality. In addition, each Matthew Mercury house timepiece is crafted using sapphire crystal glass, the premier of its kind available in today’s market. To provide the ultimate protection from scratches and bumps, most brands use mineral glass, which can scratch and break easily. “Shades of Blue” is a famous men’s watch by Matthew Mercury from the Dan series. This exclusive timepiece is renowned for combining elegance with quality for under $250. It is an elevated addition to a professional work outfit, an interview, or even a tuxedo for a special occasion. “Shades of Blue” sports a unique style with a toned dark blue dial with silver hands. For men who have an eye for style, “Shades of Blue” can be the best choice for its genuine leather strap complements the stainless steel case. It has a Swiss Ronda 3540.D exclusive chronograph movement that is at par with the most expensive luxury watches in the world. The sapphire glass covering the dial is not only scratch-resistant but has a natural sheen that will last a lifetime. 

Over the years, Matthew Mercury watches have become a classic style showing elegance, power, and professionalism. To learn more about them, follow them on their website

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