Self-Made Millionaire Royce Jakob Is Helping Others Reach Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is not about having millions as your net worth—it is about living your life on your terms. Most people chase money without realizing their goal. They are so busy figuring out how to make money that they often forget why they need to make money. The story of Royce Jakob, an entrepreneur, investor, and coach, is an exception here. Hailing from a small town in Hawaii, Royce achieved financial freedom in his early twenties. Now the young entrepreneur shares his journey and knowledge with others to help them follow his footsteps and live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. For Royce, helping others gain financial independence gives him a sense of fulfillment that he defines as success. Here’s his story. 

Born and raised in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, Royce discovered his entrepreneurial skills very early in life. At 16, he ventured into business by launching a clothing line named Action. Being a traveler at heart and lover of adventure sports, Royce introduced a range of stylish, fashionable trucker caps, dad hats, and tees. His brand soon started scaling, making him enough money to plan his next venture. 

In 2014 when Royce was only 19, he ventured into trading in both crypto and equity markets. This is how he accomplished his financial goal of becoming a multi-millionaire. After learning about stocks and equity markets, Royce decided to share his hard-earned knowledge with others to help them achieve their financial goals too. In 2020, Royce started his eponymous YouTube channel. He uses it as a platform to create educational content on trading to help those who want to venture into this space but are hesitant because they don’t know how to navigate the challenges. 

Soon after he launched the channel, the world was hit by the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, which crippled economies globally. Thankfully it had a positive impact on Royce’s channel as more and more people were using the internet as a source of entertainment and also to learn new ways to make money. Royce earned lots of positive feedback for his insightful YouTube content. Many people reach out to him through DMs who appreciate his endeavors. After gaining thousands of followers on his YouTube channel, Royce thought it was the ideal time to take this initiative to the next level.       

Royce leveraged his popularity on YouTube to launch a daily subscription-based newsletter. The newsletter gained traction within a short period, gaining thousands of monthly subscriptions. This further escalated his gains, making him a renowned trading coach on YouTube. However, more than his financial gains, Royce finds happiness in lending a helping hand to others. To Royce, “Someone reaching out to say that watching my videos allowed their family to have a good Christmas is far more fulfilling than the 0s you tack onto your net worth.” 

Today, Royce is an established entrepreneur and founder of two popular brands, Action and WAVE$ Capital. WAVE$ Capital is a firm that specializes in the marketplace. Throughout his journey, transparency and authenticity have been Royce’s driving force. He wants to continue his journey in a similar way, not only scaling up his brands but also helping millions achieve true financial freedom.

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